Welcome to the St.Helens Gymnastic Academy

Welcome to St.Helens Gymnastic Academy

St.Helens Gymnastic Academy has over 40 years of gymnastic experience and since it opened its doors in 1976 (as St.Helens YMCA Gymnastics Club, at our former home in the YMCA building) it has had in excess of 15,000 children participate in gymnastics. We provide gymnastics for girls and boys from the age of 4 years upwards and are the only club in the area to provide classes for older gymnasts – our eldest being 20 years old. The club prides itself on its voluntary status and has 19 voluntary coaches who give up to 21 hours a week of their time to teach children of all ages and abilities. We have recreation classes that provide general gymnastics. We also have a junior and elite squad who compete at events all over the region and a display team who participate in local, regional and national events. We are also extremely proud to have won the prestigious “ST HELENS GOT TALENT” title.

St.Julies Display 5th July 2015